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Martin Reiner poems & Ivan Wernisch collages [no through road]

Martin Reiner's No Through Road is the second poetry chapbook in Art Bureau's Highball Reading Series and Martin's first chapbook to be published in English.


At the corridor's end I stopped, turned the knob,
and went inside.

A scorching sun lay on the bed,
spilling ashes to the floor.

It reached lazily for the broom,
that flew out along with her...

It was the house of the drunken star.
sun down
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Sometimes it's easy to tell yourself:
Swimming through my mind like a fish,
the world all consciousness and nothing.
My sigh is pure melodrama, George.
I tear open the envelope, and I spy…
on grandma’s table


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Yesterday you cried in your sleep.
But I was too scared to wake you.
skull kid

The ripplings of summer
caught as ribbons in plaits.
In the morning tram
the children twitter.

Down the red avenue
time steps on the brake.
We open our hands
and rise like the phoenix.

---} read more: martin reiner + second city (Czech publisher) + Radio Prague (audio / interview)


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