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Bert Benson drypoint etchings [non-title: birth life death]




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today corduroy ward, colorado

icarus down

The countdown begins!
Originally, Marc Snyder and Bert Benson were going to collaborate on an art project by sending an etching plate back and forth through the mail. The idea was to have the two artists rework the plate and print limited editions of each stage of the process. But plates are heavy, and the postal service would have profited handsomely. Thus a completely different form of collaboration has transpired. The artists have agreed to lower their ambitions and adopt the NASA philosophy -- faster, better, cheaper.

Artists are encouraged to attack print it in any way. Add, subtract or completely obliterate Marc's original "astro helmet" print. This is my contribution to the project.

depression depressionTV

Public performance at San Francisco State. Acrylic body paint + canvas = human paint brush. Thanks to Joe Sullivan for filming this.

cat postcard

Bert Benson {Cat}
• Each print is hand-screened with red ink on 8.5 x 5.5 inch chipboard stock;
• The image was printed in an edition of 26 (stamped on the back A-Z)
• All are signed (backside) by the artist.


Please get in touch if you're a gallery or art shop. Wholesale orders are great. We are located in Portland, OR.

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