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Art Bureau is a collaboration of different artists from all over the world. Our publications provide ample space for artwork, interviews, and articles about artistic collaborations, networking and art organizations. You can order directly from us here, or from our Etsy Shop. [complete zine index]

art bureau comix

Art Bureau Comix cover by Andy Smith. 84-page trade paperback.

The graphic novel is crammed full of comics by an assortment of mini-comic veterans and some newcomers.

Comics by Paul Shih, Bubi Au Yeung, Daria Tessler, Rebecca Artemisa, Sarah Becan, Ciah-Ciah, Zeptonn, Junichi Tsuneoka, Andy Smith, Jim Bradshaw and Jon Sperry.

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hannah stouffer

Art Bureau 17 cover by Hannah Stouffer, 36 pages, 1/2 size.

Hannah Stouffer shares her Grand*Array of hand-drawn illustrations;

Cristian Vargas contributes several graffiti-illustrations from Typozon studios;

Q&A with with Matt W. Moore (MWM Graphics); and

Nate Williams provides some tips for graphic designers.

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mulheres barbadas

Art Bureau 16 cover by Mulheres Barbadas, 36 pages, 1/2 size.

Bubi Au Yeung shares several pages from her sketchbook (Treeson toy);

Piktorama contributes her whimsical vector-illustrations;

Eyeformation wants you to join his flock of City Birds; and

Computer Arts Projects Q&A with editor Dom Hall
(featuring artwork by Catalina Estrada
+ Mulheres Barbadas + Zeptonn)

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andy smith

Art Bureau 11 cover by Andy Smith. 32 pages, 1/2 size.

Rob Dunlavey publishes some pages from his personal sketchbook.

Ann Ellis is a vector-illustrator from the UK.

Linzie Hunter contributes her Seven Deadly Sins series and the back cover.

Andy Smith a cartoonist/typographer, provides the cover art and illustrates a six page comic strip inside.

AB11 $3.25 each USA/CANADA shipping incl.
AB11 $6.50 each UK/EUROPE/WORLD shipping incl.


Art Bureau 9 cover by Dave Oram. 32 pages, 1/2 size.

Dave Oram gives us a long interview and provides the cover art and several ink drawings inside.

Toon is a NYC mixed-media artist who shares her Rorschach images.

Clif Whitehead illustrates the back cover and has some truly twisted artwork inside.

Erik Lopez aka: Art Blur and founder of Miami Art Lab and Lowbrow Luxury, talks about the business side of owning a gallery in Coral Gables.

AB9 $3.25 each USA/CANADA shipping incl.
AB9 $6.50 each UK/EUROPE/WORLD shipping incl.



Art Bureau 8 32 pages, 1/2 size.

Guy R. Beining shares his art brut style of fragmented visual poetry;

Eyeformation shows us his poster designs about how the famous are connected to his hometown of Lowell, Massachusetts.

Mike Twohig walks us through the A/V Gallery Space in Rochester, NY.

AB8 $3.25 each USA/CANADA shipping incl.
AB8 $6.50 each UK/EUROPE/WORLD shipping incl.


martin reiner

Martin Reiner {36-page poetry chapbook}

No Through Road
is the second poetry chapbook in Art Bureau's Highball Reading Series.

Martin Reiner is the author of five books of poems and a novel. Born in Brno, Czech Republic, he attended several military academies and was imprisoned for eight months before re-entering civilian life. He has worked primarily in the arts since 1989. This is his first chapbook in English. Martin's chapbooks are enclosed in a special printed envelope signed by the poet.


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